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Hurricane Season on The Jersey Shore

or "Why are they naming Hurricanes after my family members?" (see bottom of post).

The coming Atlantic hurricane season could be one of the busiest on record, with the possibility of the next 2 months bringing nearly as many hurricanes as in 2005, when Hurricane Katrina pummeled the Gulf coast, federal forecasters at the National Hurricane Center said.

More recent hurricane seasons have been relatively easy on the U.S. coast, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration projected a 70% chance of 14 to 23 named storms this season, with eight to 14 growing into hurricanes. Three to seven of those hurricanes could be major, NOAA warned, citing a brew of hurricane-friendly conditions, including warming ocean water and a weakening El Niño system.

Forecasters say conditions for hurricanes are favorable because of rapid warming of the Gulf of Mexico and the ebbing of El Niño, a warming of surface ocean waters in the Pacific that also produces wind shears in the Atlantic that can tamp down storm development.   It is especially important if you live on The Jersey Shore in places like Long Beach Island.  Click, here for NJ Office of Emergency Management

PREPARATION:  Before you see this on your TV screen, have a disaster plan:  


Again, be prepared BEFORE disaster strikes: HAVE A DISASTER PLAN. Planning information is also available at FEMA web-sites.

1.  Arrange NOW with a relative or friend out of this area to take messages from you in an emergency and to have worried relatives call ONLY that telephone number to inquire of your safety. Phone lines in the area might be damaged and, if not, they will be heavily utilized.

2.  Keep irreplaceable papers, such as birth & marriage certificates, deeds, car titles, FLOOD insurance and HOMEOWNER policies, etc., in one spot so they can be easily placed in plastic and ready for transport in the event an evacuation is ordered.  

3.  Stock up on non-perishable essentials such as canned food and bottled water.  Include manual can opener and utensils.  

4.  Have a battery operated radio and flashlights with supply of batteries. Keep an adequate supply of prescription drugs on hand.  

5.  Keep tree limbs trimmed, especially if they hang over wires or your house. Remove any loose lying materials from your yard; i.e., chairs, tables, wood, propane tanks, trash cans, etc.  

6. If you have a pet, purchase a pet carrier and arrange with a vet to have your pet housed in an emergency. Pets are not allowed in shelters.  

7.  Make sure your vehicle is serviced with a full tank of gas.  

As a lighter note, here are the list of names for the upcoming hurricane season, and my name is on the list, as well as my son's, my daughter's, a nephew, two brothers and a sister...that doesn't sound like a good omen...maybe I should move inland.

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Hurricane Season on The Jersey Shore
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